We provide bespoke strategic advice and guidance at no cost to entrepreneurs, social enterprises, economic developers, and investors pursuing impact in local communities 

Business Advisory â€‹Services

We provide free business advisory services to new and existing businesses as a core element of the delivery of the Community Futures Program. This service is important to support local business development and job creation but also is a nature referral point/link to our lending activity and grant programs. Business Advisory services provided by our organization can be generally characterized into the following categories:

  • Pre-business plan and/or business startup
  • Launch ready business with business plan with some elements needing improvement
  • Existing firm currently facing challenges and in need of advice
  • Existing firm currently exploring new opportunities for growth/expansion in need of advice
  • Out of area investment attraction/ business development inquiry/expression of interest

Advice may take the following forms:

  • General business advice related to a business plan or new business idea
  • Specific support for an element of the business plan that is deficient ( marketing, finance, other)
  • Request for grant funding for some element of the business plan/project
  • Referral to other programs or organizations that may provide assistance
  • Investment attraction support/facilitation services
  • Request for access to capital/financing services from our organization or others

For more information or to book an appointment with Community Futures of Prince Edward/Lennox & Addington staff, contact:

Brad Roach